Today's Pointless Click

Holmes on Homes Deck Building Deck Building Game

A deck building card game where you build a deck. That is, you try to be the first one to complete a deck by collecting the necessary lumber, hardware, and tools. It’s in the theme of Mike Holmes’ TV shows, and there’s a card you can play on an opponent: Mike Holmes: “No, no, no, tear it all down and try again.”

Yes, the entire premise is because of the name.

Escape Goat

A video game where something very nasty happens at work and the boss is looking for a scapegoat. Your job is to try to escape the office without being caught. Also, you’re a goat.

System 32 Roulette

In high school my friends and I had a basement drinking game called “System 32 Roulette.” We had a fresh Windows 98 machine and you had to pick a file inside c:/windows/system32/ by random and forcibly delete it then reboot the machine. If the computer booted up and you could successfully get back to that folder, everyone else had to take a drink. If not, you had to finish your drink and then reinstall Windows.

Soup of Theseus

I have no idea. I just love the term. Came from a Hacker News comment on Brunswick Stew. Maybe there’s a terrible video game idea for it.