# Paw Patrol is a Dream Sequence

This one is for the parents who have seen way too much Paw Patrol.

# Explanation

Nothing makes sense in Paw Patrol unless you consider that Ryder is an orphan in an orphanage and everything you see is his imagination. He's the oldest boy, about 10, who isn't getting adopted. He makes believe on the floor of the dormatory or outside in the yard. There are other orphans too, including Alex and Katie that he folds into his imagination.

His imagination always revolves around having a strong role, a sense of independence, being needed by others, being loved, being handy and always being the helper, rather than needing help.

There are no moms or dads in the show. There's only aunts and uncles and grandparents. It may be that the idea of parents has become a sour spot for him. Mayor Goodway is actually Miss Godwin, who is the orphanage Matron. Mayor Humdinger is the administrator who manages the business aspect, but has never had a soft spot for kids. He's a bit cold to the orphans.

Ryder has always wanted a dog but for obvious reasons the orphanage wouldn't get him one. But Miss Godwin did get him a handful of little dog figurines, which he combines with the various Tonka trucks and other play vehicles when imagining stories.

# The Final Episode

The first two acts are like any normal Paw Patrol episode. There's a conflict and it escalates and the pups are called in to help. By the end of Act Three the pups have saved the day, in part because of Ryder's leadership. As they begin to celebrate their victory, there is a jump cut to live-action film and the celebratory music cuts out. Close up of a boy. The camera is at ground level. We see a child with an array of action figures, dogs, and toy vehicles. The boy is speaking excitedly, "No job is too big, no pup is too small!" and animating the toys with his hands.

Out of focus behind him, a door, flanked by two bunk beds opens. At this angle all we see are 3 pairs of legs. The middle person, in a skirt, steps forward, the familiar voice of Mayor Goodway says, "Ryder I've got two people I'd like you to meet." The two walk ahead and crouch down on both sides of him. Still can't see their faces. The male asks what he's playing. He talks about Paw Patrol and all the adventures he's gone on and how he always saves the day. He talks about how much he loves dogs. The woman says, "we have two beautiful dogs at home. Did you want to come home with us and meet them?" Ryder freezes. Turns to look at Miss Godwin in stunned silence. He barely squeaks out a "really?". She says, "I'm going to miss you." in a warm tone.

He stands up with mom and dad, takes each of their hands, and they walk out of the room. Camera doesn't follow. They turn the corner and Miss Godwin closes the door on her way out. Camera pans down slowly to show an array of toys, now motionless on the floor. Paw Patrol jingle in a calm Major key performed by an orchestra plays. "Executive Producer" credits appear in front. Fade to black.