# Doc Templates

Some very basic document templates and references to help get me started. The main purpose is to remember the kinds of things a document might have. Every kind of document has a thousand valid ways it could be formatted.

# Incident Report

Example: https://blog.rust###lang.org/inside-rust/2020/02/26/crates-io-incident-report.html

# Overview

A few sentences on what happened.

# Root Cause

A paragraph or two describing what specifically went wrong to cause the issue.

# Resolution

A paragraph or two on what was process was undertaken to determine how to discover and resolve the issue.

# Affected Items

Listing of anything relevant that was affected by this incident.

# Postmortem

Paragraphs on the incident response itself. What went well, what didn't, etc.

# Timeline of Events

List of relevant events and approximate timestamps.

# Action items

List of tickets and other items that need to be done to mitigate this incident from occurring.